Many successful high achieving women struggle with an unintentional power differential in their marriage which gets in the way of developing the type of intimacy they desire and deserve. I help them move past this struggle to create connection.

If this is you, perhaps you dread coming home at night because the person you’ve become at home is not a person you like?

And maybe sometimes you wonder if you’re stuck for life with someone you really can’t respect?

And perhaps you’re wondering, “Why does this relationship seem to bring out a critical side of me when normally I’m the one in relationships who is nurturing, supportive, loving, and accepting?”

Sometimes you’re probably not sure how much longer you can take it.

But you also know that divorce is not the answer you’re looking for.

You may be feeling stuck without a way out.

And longing to let down your guard, rest your burdens, and have someone make it safe for you to relax into your softer self.

You want to be a nurturer, but you need a partner who makes it possible for you to actually let go.

And you think you need to wait until he changes.

The thing is that he may never change (yes, I know you know that deep down!) and so what you really need is a way of accessing your softer side right now, even if your husband never changes.

You need a way to feel that you can stay in this relationship happily.

And you need to know how to avoid falling into communication traps that bring out a side of you that you don’t really like.

You also need help to trust yourself and to stop questioning your perceptions, or if your expectations are unreasonable.

I work with high achievers who are used to excelling at everything they do, but feel very frustrated because they’re in a relationship with someone who they find difficult to respect.

I work with women who are starved for a place to experience a more feminine side of themselves, but who think they need the man in their life to change in order to be able to do that.

I help high-achieving women learn how to excel at communicating with their lower- functioning husbands in ways that don’t put the men in their lives on the defensive, but that don’t suppress their own needs either.

I help high-achieving women to access a more accepting side of themselves, no matter what other people in their lives are doing.

And I help high-achieving women to reconnect with a side of themselves that energizes them, and to learn to turn inwards and trust their own perceptions of themselves more than what anyone else around them seems to see.

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