Struggling with Social Anxiety, OCD, or Self Doubt?

Second-Guessing Yourself or Overthinking All The Time?

You can learn to stop questioning yourself, your judgment, and your decisions (even if others around you don’t see things the way you do!)

Welcome to Goldstein Therapy!

Clifton NJ ocd and anxiety therapist

If this is you, you belong here:

  • Your parents have certain ideas about what kind of person you should marry or what kind of career you should pursue. You think they might be wrong — but you’re not sure. Maybe they’re right?  You don’t know what to think.

  • Your parents have an unhealthy or dysfunctional marriage. You suspect or know they are emotionally unhealthy. You’re afraid you will be attracted to, and marry an unhealthy person, and have a dysfunctional marriage too.

  • You’re married but not sure if you love your partner or if you’re happy in the marriage. Your partner is a very nice person — they’re not doing anything wrong — but you’re just not sure if you’re in love with them, or you’re afraid  you’re more in love with someone else.

  • Your child (or another family member) is unhappy with you. You’re not sure if you’re the problem and if you really should be doing something differently. You think you’re doing the right thing but keep being told to do things differently. Other family members and even professionals are advising you to do things differently…but you just don’t know if they are right and what you should be doing.

  • Your husband or wife keeps blaming you for things or telling you you’re doing things wrong. You feel you’re a good spouse and it must be their problem. But then you question yourself — you have made mistakes in the past. So now you’re wondering what you should be doing and how much you really know about what the right thing is to do in your marriage.

  • You feel uncomfortable or unnatural doing the “guy things” you’re supposed to be doing as a guy. But you feel isolated and like you don’t belong when you don’t do them. You keep trying to find ways to be more masculine and fit in with the “guys”, but a part of you just wants to give in to the loneliness so you can just be yourself.

The change you want:

You want to be rid of uncertainty, worry, and fear. You want to live without constantly questioning yourself, your judgment, and your decisions. 

About therapy with Mirel Goldstein, MS, MA, LPC:

Mirel Goldstein, MS, MA, LPC is an award-winning, licensed therapist with 20+ years of clinical experience and is a published author. She’s dedicated her practice to the psychotherapeutic treatment of people like you, so you can:

  • Have more clarity about “problem ownership” by understanding what is your issue and what is firmly in the other person’s domain

  • Gain the ability to express yourself and share your thoughts when you have an opinion or a feeling about something

  • Learn when to trust yourself and your intuition — even while  processing advice and/or criticism from others

  • Ease the burden of constantly worrying and questioning yourself

  • Handle uncertainty and make decisions without the terror of making a fatal error

What happens in therapy:

Things you will do in therapy

  • Share, talk, and explore your feelings and vulnerabilities with a nonjudging, active listener

  • Begin examining your thoughts and feelings within the psychoanalytic/ exploratory modality

  • Discover your own voice and develop more certainty

Things Mirel will do in your session

  • Listen, accept, validate, and BE there as an ally in your journey

  • Help break down complex situations, thread by thread, so you can see what is “your issue” and what is “their issue” 

  • Enlighten you about the underlying psychological patterns that are playing out in your life, so you can have the knowledge and clarity you need to make important mental shifts

  • Help you discover what your challenges may be and identify strategies for change

Things people have said:

“Works more deeply, more supportively than most therapists”

“Vast knowledge”

“Helps put the pieces back together”

“Works to bring wholeness to people”

“Devoted, beyond the therapy hour”

“A first-class clinician and consultant”