Welcome to the Forms and Registration page of my website!

If you have reached this page, it likely means that you have already contacted me and scheduled your first appointment. Congratulations on taking that important first step towards LASTING CHANGE. You are worth it!

Before you begin completing the paperwork and registering in my online portal, I want to just remind you that beginning your therapy journey with me is a significant INVESTMENT. As part of this investment, it’s important to remember that you may not see changes right away and that the more you put into the therapy, the more quickly you will start to see results. By results, I’m not referring to things like feeling a little better, or making a life decision, or learning a technique for your marriage or disciplining your kids. What I’m talking about are long-term changes that lead to results such as:

  • being able to express and know your feelings more clearly,
  • being able to avoid getting into relationships or situations that you will later regret
  • knowing how to set boundaries in a way that works for you and your relationships
  • accepting things you cannot change so you can focus on changing the things you can
  • replacing toxic messages you may have gotten with a gentler, kinder inner voice
  • finding a healthy balance between dependence and independence

Committing to therapy on a regular basis for a period of at least 6 months is the best way to ensure that  you give yourself enough of a chance to see what the process can do for you. Coming twice a week is better than once a week as well.

So please be patient with the process and let the MAGIC happen!

And now for the technicalities:

Here is a link to register in my online portal:



Here are forms to fill out prior to your initial session:




Consent for Individual Therapy