14 12, 2014

Parenting: Does Hitting Work?


Why not use hitting when so many parents say that it “works”?

Even though it is true that hitting may seem effective sometimes in the short run in terms of getting a child to obey, in the long run, it interferes with a child’s development of a sense of ownership and boundary over his physical body. […]

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14 12, 2014

Parenting and Secure Attachment


Helping Your Child Develop a Secure Attachment

It is well-known that children who are comfortably and securely attached to their parents do much better at growing up and thriving than children who are not secure. According to Psychiatrist John Bowlby and a large body of research on children, children with a secure attachment style easily go […]

Parenting and Secure Attachment2017-09-11T16:40:55+00:00
13 12, 2014

Childhood Dynamics in Adult Relationships- Goldstein Therapy- Clifton, NJ


anxiety treatmentChildhood Dynamics in Adult Relationships

The past has a funny way of repeating itself, and many people find themselves re-experiencing family dynamics from childhood in their current adult relationships.

Whether it comes about through attraction to partners who match up with our mental pictures of what […]

Childhood Dynamics in Adult Relationships- Goldstein Therapy- Clifton, NJ2016-08-01T01:17:42+00:00
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