Are you getting enough help?

One of my favorite things to teach people is to delegate.

This is important if you have a business, and it’s also important for your personal life…whether it’s getting help with walking your dog, organizing your house, running errands, or taking care of your children at the most hectic time of day, to name a few examples.

Sometimes we just can’t do it all!

Hey, we all have strengths and weaknesses….and a lot on our plates.

Time is a non-renewable resource, but energy can be managed and replenished if you leverage your time well.

I like to encourage people to spend as much time as possible doing those things that just don’t feel like work, because they come so naturally. You know, those things that put you in your flow, tasks that seem to make time just fly by. (As well as those things that no one else can do for you…like spending quality time with those you love.)

And I tell people to spend as little time as possible on tasks they dread. The ones that make you groan just thinking of them, where all you want to do is procrastinate because they take so much out of you.

For me, those energy-sapping tasks that I absolutely dread are things like running errands (like going to the pharmacy or getting an oil change for my car) as well as spending time on the phone (or being on hold!) with doctors offices, insurance companies, billing managers etc.

And the things I LOVE doing, that absolutely don’t feel like work to me, are things talking with my clients, writing and marketing, and teaching about things I’m passionate about (like psychoanalysis!)

So aside from using automated systems as often as I can, I like to delegate.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve hired virtual assistants and personal assistants to do things for me such as running errands, spending time on the phone with potential clients and with insurance companies etc., helping with tech support for my website (which I could figure out myself, but it would take up time better spent elsewhere), cleaning help, social media help, and more…so I can focus on doing those things I’m most called on to do…helping, coaching, inspiring, empowering, spreading comfort and love, and also challenging people to push past their status quo and grow to the next level. Getting help frees us up!

But here’s the thing I’ve learned…you need to hire the help before you have the money for it or before you feel it’s “justified”.

Getting the help is what lets you be present for your family, make the money you want to make, and feel the balance in your life. Fear of investing or spending is one of the biggest resistances I hear from people,  but I really feel the difference between those who accelerate in life and in business, and those who don’t, is the willingness to take this leap.

The other fear is of letting go. I know what that feels like because the first time I let go of my schedule by letting my assistant manage my scheduling…well it was pretty scary…but I got used to it and now it’s a huge relief to have someone managing that for me!

Another thing I want to mention is you can’t be anal if you want to get help. I think the most important thing is to find someone who shares your values- for me it means someone ethical, honest, responsible, kind…you choose for you.  But you can’t expect perfection  because no one will do things the exact same way as you would, and because humans make mistakes (sorry to break the news to you!). So remember to be forgiving (you’ll become more forgiving of yourself too), take a chance, let go a little, and free yourself up to feel supported as you focus on what matters to you!