Are you trying to raise your child together with a co-parent who is emotionally abusive or unstable?

Do you feel your partner is

♦ not in it together with you,

♦ is working against you,

♦ or perhaps even seems like just another child for you to take care of?


Do you worry about how you’re going to protect your child from growing in a dysfunctional home?


Have you been around emotional abuse for so long that you no longer feel like you know who you are or what normal looks like anymore?


Living with a lack of validation, predictability, or healthy communication can certainly take its toll on anybody


Doing things for yourself that give you pleasure, and living in a peaceful environment, may feel like a distant fantasy


It doesn’t have to be this way

There are things you can do that will allow you to raise your children in a healthy environment.


You can learn how to:

♦ de-escalate conflict

♦ use mirroring and validation to help your partner calm down

♦ stay firm and set boundaries

♦ recognize misunderstandings and clear them up

♦ and so much more!


By now you’ve possibly read numerous self-help books, spoken with therapists, or tried in some way to change something about yourself or your life in order to make things better

but nothing has helped you

Without understanding the underlying type of personality you’re dealing with, you’re probably groping around in the dark

Learning to recognize and understand narcissistic or borderline patterns of behavior for what they are, as well as effective ways to respond to them, can create healthy change for everyone involved


In this course you will learn:

♦ to understand the inner workings of a person with emotionally abusive or unstable behavior

♦ why you’ve been second-guessing yourself all this time

♦ how to create stability when your partner is being irrational or unreasonable

♦ how to disengage from a manipulative interaction

♦ effective ways to respond to your partner’s vulnerabilities

♦ how to set specific boundaries to keep this person from hurting you


After you take the course you will have more understanding 

Whether you should fight for your relationship or just walk away


How to live a peaceful life within and around yourself


You will not feel left alone and helpless anymore


You will have coping skills in your hand for when your partner

♦ tries to manipulate you

♦ has an emotional storm or

♦ blames you for things that are not your fault

You will have tools for stopping difficult interactions in their track!


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“Am I Living With a Toxic Partner? An Expert Assessment to Give You the Clarity You Need”


In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to know if you are living with a toxic partner

• Why your greatest assets may, in this situation, be liabilities

• The one question you need to ask yourself to avoid being manipulated and abused.

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I am Mirel Goldstein and I’m looking forward to using the expertise I’ve developed over the last 18 years as a psychotherapist and personality disorders expert to help you take control again and to make things better for yourself and your family.

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