Too Close, Too Distant, or Just Right??

Take the Relationship Quiz

1. It’s easy for me to open up to my partner when I feel vulnerable

2. I can manage my emotions when my partner withdraws or needs space

3. I have my own interests outside of my relationship and my partner is okay with this

4. My partner and I can have fun together

5. I feel attracted to my partner

6. I can imagine spending the rest of my life with my partner

7. I trust my partner to be faithful to me

8. My partner has his/her own interests outside of our relationship and I feel okay about that

9. Sometimes I’m strong and my partner leans on me and other times my partner is strong and I can lean on him/her

10. My partner and I have a good balance between privacy and sharing in our relationship

11. I can say no when I need to and my partner can say no to me

12. I can handle closeness without needing to withdraw or pick a fight

13. My partner and I can resolve differences in a mutually respectful way

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