If you are a high achieving woman who feels stuck in an unfulfilling marriage with a husband you can’t respect…There is hope!

You can achieve the self-knowledge and tools you need to break through the blocks holding you back from the loving, intimate relationship you long for– Even if your husband is less driven, less successful or makes less money than you do.


Dear Friend,

If you are tired of coming home to a husband you may not even LIKE anymore–  you feel constantly deprived and unsatisfied in your relationship– but you are open to learning new ways to be happy in your marriage…

Then this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

My name is Mirel Goldstein and I am a psychotherapist and marriage counselor who meets women just like you all the time.


After years of experience helping women to re-claim the intimacy in their marriages I noticed a disturbing trend.

Many women come to me with pent up feelings of frustration with their marriages that they just cannot continue to live with successfully.

They say things like:

I just can’t deal with not having the husband I want/need/deserve

How can I respect a man who is so lacking in energy/drive/ambition?

Why can’t he just take some initiative in life?

They feel guilty and sometimes even hate themselves for being so illogically critical of their basically good husbands –who no doubt have some wonderful qualities that attracted them to him in the first place…

And their emotional and physical health has begun to suffer.

You see, when we are in a chronic state of deprivation, contempt and resentment– it builds up stress in our nervous system.

Chronic stress often leads to trauma which makes us constantly on edge or sinks us into depression.
The women who come to me at this point feel hopeless and at the end of their rope.

But I am here to tell you that there is hope for women like you to be happy and satisfied in your marriage!

The truth is, this is not a problem of logic at all.

If your husband is a stable person who holds a steady job or runs a successful business, then there is no reason why you can’t get past these feelings of contempt and resentment.

There are many unconscious reasons that may be holding you back from the love you crave.

Once you root out the distorted deep beliefs you carry and hold them up to the light of day, you can begin to challenge them and embrace new strategies and thought patterns that will allow you to finally be happy in your marriage.

I am excited to teach you these tools in my course:

Intimacy Reboot

In this mini-course I will help you ask the right questions that will guide you on your way to a satisfying marriage.

When you understand why you feel the way you do towards your husband, it is so much easier to change your mindset.

So many of our actions are driven by unconscious beliefs and fears.

Once you identify these false beliefs or expectations–

You will be free to experience joy in your marriage again.

In this course I will teach you my proprietary M.U.S.C.L.E.S method to retrain your brain and make a satisfying, intimate marriage a reality for you.

This method will help you to replace contempt with acceptance and expand your view to see the whole picture of your relationship  so that you can relate to your marriage in a mindful and balanced way.

In this course you will discover:

  • How your relationship with your own father may affect your expectations in your marriage
  • 3 toxic thoughts that sabotage your chances for marital satisfaction even when it’s in reach
  • How fear physically holds you back from your chance at happiness and how to overcome it
  • One slight change in focus that will completely transform your life and marriage
  • How to connect both parts of your brain to automatically attract what you want
  • How to let go of expectations and open yourself up to surprises so you can receive the love you crave

At the end of this course you will have the tools you need to transform your marriage from a dismal disappointment to a loving, safe haven.

There are 4 modules in the Intimacy Reboot course:

  • Module 1 will encourage you to explore and get in touch with your feelings toward marriage and intimacy
  • Module 2 will help you identify what buried, unconscious wishes and fears are holding you back from your ability to be happy with your husband.
  • Module 3 will help you focus on the things in your life that make you feel open and creative instead of contracted and closed up. Identify the barriers to your satisfaction in life and how you can overcome them.
  • Module 4 will introduce the M.U.S.C.L.E.S method made up of exercises that  connect the left side of your brain (linear and logical) with the right side of your brain (intuitive and emotional) to give you high impact results and the ability for you to be happy in your marriage even if your husband is less successful than you are in his career.

Imagine how much lighter and happier you will feel when you can let go of all of that resentment and negative energy.

Your home will be a supportive, loving environment with a full partner to share the ups and downs of life with.

I created this course for you and for every woman who feels stuck in a disappointed marriage, I did not want price to be an issue.

For a short time only you can have your Intimacy Reboot for only $29!

But you must take action because soon the price is going up!

I know this course can change your life if you do the work.

I’ve seen it work for other women just like you who thought they could never feel good in their marriage again.

I wish you the same.



P.S. The choice is yours today.

You can either:

Continue to eat yourself alive with frustration, risk your health and become a bitter person..


Take control of your mindset and give yourself back the gift of intimacy in your marriage and the chance for a happy, healthy home life.

Don’t you deserve a reboot?

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